Cell Phone Screen Ghosting Explained

What does "Screen Ghosting" mean?

FPC Connection on Apple iPhone

LCD Screen Ghosting

“Screen Ghosting” is typically defined as your phone touching apps, calling, texting, typing by itself. In extreme cases the phone can even lock itself and lock the user out. This issue is common in Apple iPhones, either due to a defect in the screen, a crack, or a defect in the board called “Touch IC”.


If your screen is ghosting and you can’t figure out why try a couple tests first:

  • Clean your screen; use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen. If the screen is extra dirty use a little rubbing alcohol as well. Once the screen is clean try the touch again, if it keeps ghosting try our next tip.
  • Check your device for cracks, either in the screen itself or the tempered glass. If just the Tempered glass is cracked, remove it and try your touch again. If the crack is in your screen bring in to us at Crack’d Mobile Device Repair and we can repair it for you, good as new.
  • If your phone is clean, not cracked and you are not sure what else to do it might be an issue on your MotherBoard called “Touch IC”. The issue is caused from the FPC connection coming loose due to poor soldering by the manufacturer. You may be able to tell if your phone has Touch IC without coming into a store. If your phone has grey bars at the top and is ghosting you have Touch IC and either need a new phone or to get it repaired at a shop that specializes in microsoldering, give us a call or come see us for help.
FPC Connection on Apple iPhone

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